Hurricane Shutters for: Sarasota | Bradenton | Port Charlotte & Surrounding Areas

Sun & Insect Protection

Hurricane Protection You Can Rely On

Exterior Solar ScreensExterior Solar Screens
These screens provide shade when needed and disappear almost entirely when not in use. They provide a more aesthetically pleasing option and block up to 90% of the sun’s heat making your home more energy efficient. They prevent fading on interior rugs, furniture and painting while reducing wind and rain.

Exterior Insect Screens
Exterior insect screens keep disease carrying insects and flies from entering your home. They allow air flow in and filter sun hear while preventing debris, insects and animals from entering your home. They’re resistant to punctures and tears from household pets.

Clear Vinyl Screens
Create a barrier against debris, rain and wind. Exterior screens protect your porch, patio, outdoor kitchen, lanai, windows, etc. from the elements while preserving outward visibility and letting soft, filtered light in.

Garage Door Screens
Versatile, sturdy, mold & mildew resistant and east to operate. Garage screen doors allow you to add another room to your home. Retractable garage door screens are affordable and retract almost completely when not in use and can be installed on top of your existing garage door.

Retractable Awnings
Electric powered awnings open and close effortlessly at one touch of a remote control. The lateral support arms extend out directly under the awning canopy for unobstructed views.

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